In life, everything happens for a reason. Events in our lives, the people we know (and no longer know), chances, missed opportunities, trials and triumphs -- EVERYTHING. Our experiences make us who we are and truly shape us. I thank God everyday for blessing me with everything that I have.

I miss you, Nathan Douglas Briggs. You're doing great out there, I just know it. Thinking of you and praying for you until we get to see each other again <3


We’ve been through so much together, especially this last year baby. I am so thankful to have someone in my life who treats me the way you do and knows me for me and truly loves me back. I’m just so happy and so very much in love. I can’t wait for all of the experiences the future will bring. I’m scared for next month, but I’ll be thinking of you 24/7 and I’m so very proud of you. Here’s to the next year of the many more years to come…

JOHN LEGEND - Stay With You

This song totally has wedding-song potential. It’s message is very simple and short, but sweet. I will stay with you through EVERYTHING<3

I love you Nathan Douglas Briggs.

P.S. - You are SO hot ^^